Discover your strength, flexibility and balance at Vero Beach Yoga Barre. Our tranquil studio offers both yoga & barre to transform your mind & body. Both being physically demanding practices, yet fit for any age & body type, we provide a variety of styles appealing to both men & women. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, VBYB is a calm and uplifting oasis where you will develop your strength and confidence, on and off the mat.

More than anything… it’s a place to simply be.

All Level: This class is a blend of Level 1 and Level 2. Suitable for a beginner who has a consistent practice and for the seasoned practitioner. The teacher may instruct Surya Namaskars as well as more challenging postures. A mix of Sanskrit and English will be spoken.

Level 1: Great level for beginners, seasoned practitioners and someone working with an injury. This class will guide you through many basic yoga asanas. The teacher will focus on safety and alignment, while helping the student become more comfortable and familiar with the common yoga poses. Some Sanskrit may be spoken but also giving the English translation so not to overwhelm any beginners. The teacher will demonstrate more in this level than in level 2 and you should expect a well rounded class of forward bends, gentle backbends and twists. Modifications will be given, props will be used, and basic Pranayama and Mediation will be explored.

Level 2: Be ready to move and sweat in this level. This class is geared to the seasoned practitioner who has a strong understanding of linking asana to breath, how to bend forward, and Surya Namaskar A and B. The teacher will often speak the poses in Sanskrit, while walking around the room offering hands on assists rather than demonstrating. You will explore more advance asana like inversions, arm balances and more advanced pranayama practices.

Level 3: In this level, the student understands when not to push it and adapts to their own internal energy. A full understanding of Ujjayi Breath and Bandha is a must. This is the level when you have ability to feel the workings of your body, understanding where your body is in space. Advanced asana should be more fluent as it will be taught.