***Sessions are paused for the summer months and will resume in January***

Do you want to play better, stronger, and longer on the golf course? If you’re looking for a fun way to transform your golf game, sign up for a yoga and golf class at Vero Beach Yoga Barre. You’d be surprised how taking a yoga class can help transform your golf game in a positive light. Due to the fact that golfers swing from one side of their body, asymmetry is an inherent part of the sport. Overtraining and repetitive motion manifests as larger muscles on one side of your body, specifically in the shoulders, biceps, forearms, and upper back. Yoga primarily focuses on balance, alignment, and symmetry, creating space in the body for greater swing rotation and increased power. When you learn to incorporate yoga postures into your golf warm-up and post-rounds stretches, you’ll protect yourself against bodily injury while adding more flexibility and focus to your game. Sign up for one of our classes today!

Yoga For Golfers In Vero Beach

When you sign up for a yoga and golf class at Vero Beach Yoga, our certified instructor will guide you through a variety of yoga postures. In this unique yoga class, we’ll target major and minor muscle groups that can relate to your golf swing to ensure you have a solid and strong foundation. Some benefits of joining a yoga and golf class may include:

  • Improved Flexibility – When it comes to swinging a golf club, your body may feel restricted due to injury or age. By incorporating yoga postures and techniques into your golf game, you’ll be able to improve your overall flexibility. Flexibility reduces swing faults by loosening up our bodies, producing great club speed and mobility.
  • Improved Posture & Balance – When you partake in the practice of yoga, your body’s foundation, posture, and balance will greatly improve. This will help you produce more consistent swings and ball strikes during your golf game.

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